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What Kinds of Foods are Harmful for Teeth?

Snacking is an activity we all do and what we choose to snack on is important. Snacks that are full of sugar such as candy or cake may taste good, but are not good for our teeth. In addition to the sugar these types of snacks contain large amounts of fat. Sugary snacks if eaten

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White Smile

How To Get A Bright White Smile?

In this article we tell you how to get a bright white smile through different types of treatments as well as healthy eating.
Your smile is your cover letter, – it’s the first thing you show and is important in your day to day life.
Since ancient times, physical appearance and dental aesthetics have been very important in society. Aesthetic standards have changed over the years. We are increasingly interested in relating and understanding physical appearance with health. An example to highlight are the gold cases, which were formerly a symbol of high social status.

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The Motivations Behind Jaw Surgery

There are many reasons why you may want to go for surgery in addition to orthodontic treatment.
In this article, we will first go back to the main reasons that can push a patient to opt for surgery, then we will go into detail about the course of treatment with surgery.
Finally, we will present talk about the risks associated with the most common treatments.

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Man smiling

What Does A Beautiful Smile Produce?

Everyone repeats the need to have a nice smile. This would be more attractive and prove a healthy lifestyle. So to be well seen, some people are ready to spend crazy money to have a smile worthy of the biggest stars. But is a beautiful smile worth all those costs and efforts?

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What is the Average Life of Natural Teeth?

Even if you take care of your teething every day, some problems can occur over time.  Did you know that your natural teeth have a lifespan?  In this article, Dr. Humphrey Ho & Dr. May Chen discuss how the life cycle of teeth can influence your oral health. So Teeth Have a Lifespan? Yes! Even

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Why Do You Need a Professional Dental Cleaning?

Teeth brushing is a procedure by which serious oral diseases can be avoided. With regular cleansing, the risk of tooth decay or periodontal disease will be extremely low. The greatest benefit to the mouth comes from professional brushing. With its help, it is possible to quickly get rid of plaque and even the initial stages

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How long do dental crowns last?

Crowns are used to save or restore a damaged tooth, and are similar to a cap that is placed over the tooth. This allows patients to be able to use their tooth again, and looks aesthetically pleasing. Crowns help to make damaged teeth stronger, are durable, and give patients that beautiful smile they have always

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How do you know if you need a root canal?

A root canal is needed when the pulp or soft tissue inside the root canal is infected or inflamed. This infection is caused by bacteria, injury, crack, or decay. Root canals are a common procedure, and help to restore teeth back to a healthy condition. Most patients will have symptoms that something is wrong, but

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How do dental implants work?

If you have broken, missing, or damaged teeth and are looking for that perfect smile, then dental implants may be right for you. At Austin 3D Dental we offer many restorative procedures, and one of our most common is dental implants. Implants give patients a permanent solution to beautiful teeth and are reliable and durable.

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