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Dental Fillings

Filling in Cavities with Dental Fillings

Although we do our best to keep our teeth in tip top shape by brushing and flossing regularly, sometimes cavities happen. It’s important to come in for routine dental exams to catch cavities early before the decay spreads and goes deeper into your tooth toward your pulp and roots, resulting in a more costly fix. If cavities are caught early, your dentist can simply remove the decay and apply a dental filling. The dental filling will seal off the cavity, strengthen your tooth, and restore it to its normal function.

What Happens During an Appointment for Dental Fillings?

If you have a cavity, it’s important to treat it right away before it gets bigger. At the start of your appointment at Austin 3D Dental, we will apply a local anesthetic if needed for your comfort. We will then use a drink or other instrument to remove the decayed portions of your tooth. The area is then cleaned to ensure that there is no bacteria or debris in the area. We will then apply a tooth-colored filling to seal off the cavity and harden it with a UV light. We will then trim off any excess filling and polish the tooth to make sure it’s smooth.

Replacing Silver/Mercury Fillings

Some patients have silver or mercury fillings that they have received in the past and find that they are not long-lasting and are too noticeable. Silver fillings have mercury that may corrode and leak, causing your teeth to stain. If you schedule an appointment at Austin 3D Dental, we can replace your old fillings with porcelain and composite resin fillings.

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