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How To Get A Bright White Smile?

In this article we tell you how to get a bright white smile through different types of treatments as well as healthy eating. Your smile is your cover letter, – it’s the first thing you show and is important in your day to day life. Since ancient times, physical appearance and dental aesthetics have been very important in society. Aesthetic standards have changed over the years. We are increasingly interested in relating and understanding physical appearance with health. An example to highlight are the gold cases, which were formerly a symbol of high social status.

Currently, beauty is synonymous with happiness and as I have said before a beautiful smile is our first impression. It gives us security and makes us feel comfortable with ourselves. Today, patients increasingly demand dental aesthetics. Over the years not only our appearance ages, but also our teeth. That does not mean that with aging we have to lose our teeth. Many years ago, many people according to their ages were half toothless. Today, with the prevention and care we have access to, we reach old age with all teeth intact. Let’s return to the topic – how to get a beautiful and perfect smile? We will talk about several ways to get it and everything that influences it, including food and different types of treatments.

Tips for a great smile

Daily dental and oral hygiene

We must brush our teeth after each meal, or at least in the morning and at night. This brushing must be effective. It is not about crushing the brush against the teeth and causes recessions in the gums. If you don’t know the proper brushing technique, hygienist teams can teach you.

Tobacco is an enemy of pretty smiles

Smoking causes inflammation of the gums, darkens the teeth and causes bad breath. You must decide between pretty smile or tobacco.

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Regular dentist visits

Dentist visits should be periodic, and you should never wait for more than one year. If everything goes well, you need at least one maintenance session per year. If there is a risk factor or problem to treat, you might even need two or even three every year.

A balanced and varied diet

Follow a balanced and varied diet. Add fruits, vegetables, lactic and few sugars to your diet.

Chew sugar-free gum

It is suitable because it stimulates the secretion of saliva (rich in antibacterial substance) and because it helps clean the surface of your teeth. If you don’t like the tone or color of your teeth, dentists can advise you on whitening. There are different techniques and each one has its indications.

Beware of piercings

Although it seems that piercings favor you, they are very dangerous for your teeth, gum and tongue. We do not recommend it at all.

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