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What is the Average Life of Natural Teeth?

Even if you take care of your teething every day, some problems can occur over time.  Did you know that your natural teeth have a lifespan?  In this article, Dr. Humphrey Ho & Dr. May Chen discuss how the life cycle of teeth can influence your oral health.

So Teeth Have a Lifespan?

Yes! Even your natural teeth will have a lifetime. In fact starting around age 40, you may notice that your oral anatomy begin to change little by little.  What exactly is happening?

 Over the years, there are several changes in the patient’s mouth, such as the enamel wear of natural teeth. This wear can cause loss of radiance, hypersensitivity, and exposure of the dentin. Nothing very pleasant!

Your gum can also be affected by the vagaries of time. Another consequence related to aging: the loosening of the gums. If this problem grows, the loosening will expose the roots of your teeth. In the long term, the affected tooth can, unfortunately, fall. From age 40, your bone mass can also deteriorate. Indeed, the number of ligaments attaching the bone to the root decreases. Note that osteoporosis can also affect your bone mass.

All of these age-related changes can lead to oral problems, such as periodontal disease. Sometimes the removal of some teeth becomes necessary. On a positive note, be aware that if you have excellent general health, these alterations related to your natural teeth will be more subtle and slower.

What Dental Problems Can Be Caused by Poor Hygiene?

Although tooth loss is often associated with age, it is not the only cause. Poor dental hygiene can accelerate the breakdown of teeth. To quickly detect infection or dental disease, it is important to consult with your dental health professionals regularly.  Only the dentist can assess the condition of your natural teeth and make a diagnosis. If some of your teeth are too damaged, your dentist will probably advise you to remove them. 

What if my Natural Teeth are "Too Old"?

If your dentist suggests removing one or a few damaged teeth, there are several alternatives available to you. If it is only a few teeth, your denturologist will offer you the dental implant or the partial dental prosthesis. Thanks to these options, you will quickly find your beautiful smile. Replacing your missing teeth is essential for extending the life of your other natural teeth. Indeed, it helps, among other things, to reduce the risk of periodontal diseases, the removal of the gums, and the sagging of your face. Taking care of your smile is also taking care of your health! The lifespan of your natural teeth influences the appearance and condition of your teeth. However, by adopting good dental hygiene, you will reduce the risk of losing some of your teeth. 

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